Whether you are planning a wedding, a conference, a party or hosting a large dinner at home, renting your equipment and decor is a fantastic option!  Here are some reasons to rent from Party Rental Depot for your next event:

  1. No Dish Duty! Our staff will take care of that for you here, leaving you free to make sure the rest of your event runs smoothly without worrying about cleanup.
  2. Storage! Renting leaves you free to focus on the more important and pressing factors of your event, rather than worrying about where to house all of your items.
  3. Expert Advice! Our fantastic team of party starters can help you find what you need, and figure out what you forgot.
  4. Quality Assured! Don’t worry about flimsy or cracked equipment, our products are guaranteed to work or we’ll bring you another one!
  5. It’s Easy! Between our beautiful showroom and complete online catalog with pictures, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you need with minimal effort.  You can also choose between picking up your items yourself or having them delivered by our incredible staff.
  6. Go Green! By renting the equipment you need for your event, you cut down on the need for those horrible paper plates and cups that fall apart in minutes.  Improve the look and experience of your event by renting and feel good knowing you’re keeping our planet healthy!
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