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MMM Beer!

Or Maybe Not For Beer.

Starting with offering fills for home kegerators, now our CO2 tank sales and fills are popular with plant growers, aquariums, soda stream users, and even 4×4 off-roaders!  What is your use for CO2?

Beer gas is a blend of 70% nitrogen and 30% CO2 great for stouts and other darker beers.


If it is beverage grade CO2 you are looking for come on in with your cylinder.
Tanks can be left overnight for a complete fill or if eligible we also offer an exchange program with no wait time and no concern about having your cylinder re-certified every 5 years.

We can fill any CGA-320 valve or CGA-580 tank with CO2 100% or BeerGas (70% Nitrogen 30% CO mix). These tanks are standard for the beverage industry.

All of our gases are Beverage Grade. Your regulator will work with either gas.

We proudly serve Air Liquide Aligal Brand for all of our gases.

5lb Cylinders

$35Basic Fill
  • Tank Swap $40
  • Beer gas Blend Fill $40
  • Tank Purchase and Fill $149

10lb Cylinders

$45Basic Fill
  • Tank Swap $50
  • Beer gas Blend Fill $50 2
  • Tank Purchase and Fill $229

20lb Cylinders

$60Basic Fill
  • Tank Swap $65
  • Beer gas Blend Fill $60
  • Tank Purchase and Fill $270

5lb Tank Swap Partners

Swing by one of our Cylinder Swap Partners to grab a full 5lb CO2 cylinder. Prices may vary, Only tanks dated March 2019 and newer with Canada certified valves (non-lead only) are eligible for swaps.



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