You Can Buy Beer...

Well, not from us. There are many liquor stores and microbreweries in Calgary and area that sell exceptional beer in kegs ready for your next gathering.  Pair their beer with one of our keg dispenser systems and have ice cold beer flowing all day on even the hottest of Calgary’s Summers.  Also known as Jockey Boxes these are ultra portable ice filled cooling contraptions, easy to use and a better way to enjoy beer.

Dispensing Options For Kegs...

We Fill Tanks...

If it is beverage grade CO2 you are looking for come on in with your cylinder and we can fill while you wait. 
*Tanks are only filled to 80% capacity if choosing while you wait.  Tanks will be filled completely if left for minimum 3 hours.

We can fill any CGA-580 tank with CO2 100% or BeerGas (70% Nitrogen 30% CO mix). These tanks are popular if you bought a beer dispensing system for use with Nitrogen. We can fill with either CO2 or Nitrogen blend.  

All of our gases are Beverage Grade. Your regulator will work with either gas.

We proudly serve Air Liquide Aligal Brand for all of our gases.

Ask about swapping your 5lb bottle for a full one, no waiting around, or coming back to pick up. Some conditions apply. 

Swing by one of our Cylinder Swap Partners to grab a full 5lb CO2 cylinder. Prices may vary, Only tanks dated March 2019 and newer with Canada certified valves (non lead only) eligible for swaps. 

Polar Taps Jockey Boxes Available Now

We have taken our rental experiences from using out of the box jockey box options and refined them into our own brand of draft beer boxes. Polar Taps.  The little upgrades we do don’t seem like much, but make the whole set up more dependable for you, and that gives us peace of mind you will have a great time pouring drinks all night long with no unwanted interruptions. 

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