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Home to Alberta’s Original Tap Truck, Betsy.

For weddings and family gatherings, corporate functions, grand openings, trade shows, and festivals. You will not find a better fleet of professional beer serving options.

Renting a bar and hosting an event can be complicated.

Rather than figure it out on your own, it’s easier to speak with an event rental specialist.


Which Type of Bar Do You Need?

Tap Truck

Tap Trailer

Tap Pump

Tap Cart

Tap Box

Betsy: Alberta’s Original Tap Truck

Betsy grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, worked hard hauling hay and jugs of milk. She did her time in the fields of central Sask, and now is retiring to roam the Foothills of Alberta. Not strong or fast enough to haul for farmers today, she still has enough spunk to haul over 300kg of beverages to any event.

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Mobile Bars: Add To Any Event

Wood Bars From Ranchmans!
Folding Grey Bars
Table With Skirting Banquet Bars
Exciting DIY Bartending Options Coming!!!

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Carter: The Prohibition Cart

Just like Pinocchio was created in a workshop, so was Carter. Built to be nimble and fit where others can’t. Ice gives “life” to his heart, and while it’s pumping, the coldest beverages will pour through his double taps, all day and night.

Caters Interests:
Being invited inside – through a doorway as skinny as 29.35 inches
Being on the guestlist to exclusive parties
Pouring crafted cocktails through only his left tap.

You can find Carter @:
Intimate Weddings
VIP Parties
Rooftop Shindigs

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Jockey Brew Box

Jockeys are for horse racing, light, and a little crazy.   Brew boxes are the polar opposite; heavy, and the sanest way to dispense anything from a keg. Over-built for the hardships of rental, these boxes will dispense your beverage just the way it was supposed to be served, cold and delicious.

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Tony: The Tug Along Trailer (Being Built)

Tony is Alberta born and bred from a small town. Hauled fat horses all his life until they were all put out to pasture. He always wanted to be in the spotlight. Left to rot in a muddy field, he was rescued and started major reconstructive surgery in 2019. Still loving to serve, he now serves as the perfect walk-up bar.

Tog Along Tony’s Interests:
Being the center of attention –
Jack Daniels – whatever is left over as a nightcap.
Taking short drives – around Calgary

You can find Tug Along Tony @:
Stampede Ranch Parties
Wedding Ho Downs

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What’s Your Occasion?


Corporate Events

Special Events


When you rent a tent,

There are many things that go with it.
From tables and chairs, to plates and linens, flooring,
heating, lighting, sound equipment, tabletop, decor, bars and catering,
dance floors, sanitation stations, and more. If you’re not an event
planner, the list can seem endless and daunting.

Let us help. It doesn’t cost anything to Speak with a Specialist.

Get Help From An Event Specialist

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Event hosts like you contact us to create an easy and flexible rental experience.

It’s important to book early. Ideally, months in advance.

We know it’s not always possible.  Sometimes, plans fall through and you need help quickly.
If we can help, we will.

We’re located in Calgary, but we deliver tent and event packages all over Alberta.

Rental Policies

Industry-leading policies ensure you have the flexibility to tweak your event. Feel safe that you can move or change your event up to 3 days before delivery. *Tent & Stampede conditions apply. Contact us today to review our terms.

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