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Front Desk Sales and Aux Admin


  • Look for ways to create a good time out of any experience
  • Have a favorite movie you have watched a minimum of 12 times 
  • Have been paying for your own cellphone since you were a teenager
  • Thrive on challenges, love finding the answers to tough questions
  • Get the difference between customer service and customer experience
  • Are constantly trying to figure out how to make people’s lives better
  • Had different colors for the notes you took in school
  • Know you have great ideas but maybe don’t have the freedom to try them
  • Ask yourself, “how can I systemize that?” Or say statements like “there has to be a better way”


  • Are a lean running event rental company bringing on new and exciting business units to what was a traditional rental business
  • Have increased our positive google reviews by over 500% in the past year, and are looking to explode our social profiles in the coming year
  • Believe in the balance of work and fun
  • Believe in being efficient and precise, to grow we are systemizing everything
  • Get really excited about big rental opportunities that will stretch the limits of our inventory and workforce, forcing us to learn and adapt
  • Have a “yep we can help you to get that done” attitude towards customers
  • Are testing and measuring everything, in order to constantly improve
  • Have lots of fun in the party rental business

Job Scorecard For

(What you'll actually be doing)


The mission of the Party Rental Depot Front Desk Sales and Auxiliary Admin is to be the smiling helpful face of the company, creating a positive experience for even the most difficult customers. The sales position helps be a conduit from the customers to the prep and delivery staff.  The small details about a customer event are mined from a good salesperson and then we can craft an amazing customer experience through upsells and extra details during their deliveries. The ideal candidate is outgoing, cheerful, can handle criticism and complaints with a smile and has efficient time management. 



Fill in with linen production position and equipment cleaning as needed

ResponsibilityMetricRating ABCComments
PhonesMaintain a 99% call handled rateAnswer calls on the 1st or 2nd ring
Responding to customer inquiries on email, text, chat, and messengerWithin 2 hours

Our guarantee is to respond in 3 hours or the client starts accumulating discounts

Responding to voicemailsWithin 1 hour of opening or call time
Screening callsLet no sales calls through 🙂Take detailed messages to get a callback or have them send an email inquiry for forwarding
Text chat and social2 hour response timeWe strive to be responsive to all client communication
Monitor feeder sites for blog content creation ideasIncreasing our web content is a high priority and taking influence from other blogs brings world ideas to the Calgary market
Greet all clients smiling and cheerful with greeting script
Proper handoff all clients to back employees for equipment handlingTreat clients as VIP, not as project numbers
Lend a HandGet a positive rating on the “help” category of quarterly peer evaluationsJump in and be a team player helping in other people’s roles as needed
Quarterly Peer Core Values and Attitude EvaluationsAverage +1 minimumQuarterly peer evaluations take our values and let peers at your employment level and below to rate you and how you demonstrate the core values
ChecklistsComplete assigned lists by due datesWe thrive on checklists, some are short term, some are longer, all have an expiry date to which they need to be done by
Business ReportingAccurate and timely reporting of KPI’sEach team member is assigned a KPI they are responsible for reporting


Key Requirements:

A people person: Friendly with all people
A can-do attitude, self-discipline, and a ton of motivation
You love taking responsibility for certain tasks
Comfortable with Windows, Office, Gmail, learning new Computer Software

Our Values

Show Up, on time, ready to go, smiling

Promise only what you can deliver

Growth: Learn something new every day

Celebration: Celebrate your achievements no matter how small or big

Fun: Fun is Fun, Add a little bit into everything you do

Innovation: Encourage creativity and innovation, try new things that will increase morale, productivity, efficiency and overall make things better

Proficient: Learn and demonstrate skills daily to perform our duties and put customers at ease, and to be able to perform any task or challenge thrown at us

Responsive: Its all about communication and performing any task or challenge thrown at us in a timely manner

Dependable: We don’t have the luxury of do-overs, we get one chance, the client depends on us and we (the company) depend on you

Help each other

Be Kind

This is a long-term role with future potential for growth.

There is 2 different openings for the same position:

  • Saturdays 5 hours, and possibly Thursday evenings.
  • Weekdays 10-3

Part-Time hours to start, Full-Time and Flexible working hours possible

Wages based on performance and role integration

To apply for this job please visit our intake form by clicking here  to be considered for the next round of interviews. 

Application deadline August 30, 2019