Professional washing for your biggest inventory items, Event Tents! 

Commercial Tent Washing In Calgary

tent washing calgary for event tents
  • Prolong the life of your tents
  • Upgrade the grade of your tents
  • Reduce total costs on cleaning
  • Bright White Tents
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Revitalize old tents

Why do the biggest and most profitable companies use tent washers?

Replace their tops less often

Clean tents last longer

And fetch more revenue if they are kept clean and handled properly
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Stop tying up their labour force in tent cleaning

Let your labour do specialized jobs

Let our machine do its intended purpose and let your labour maintain items that really need their attention, plus they will thank you!
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Upgrade their tops from B Grade to A Grade

Clean is quality

Resurrect an old top and change its grading up one level at least. Make more off of your long term investments
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They charge more for pristine tents

People Pay More!

Clients will pay more for a cleaned tent, just ask them! Mingle with the industry giants with your own pristine tents.
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Would You Like To...

Wash Transport Tarps

Transport Tarps in Alberta get loaded with road grim, salt, and dirt.  

Lengthen the service life of your tarps.

Show up to your next load with professionally cleaned tarps. 

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