All one of a kind pieces

Amazing Archways For Your Ceremony

Saw an awesome arch on Fackbook Marketplace or Kijiji?

Dealing with private vendors can be risky. Sometimes they get busy and forget that you are supposed to pick up the main piece for your big days backdrop.

The previous renter breaks their product and they dont have the means to fix it in time.

Their decor was designed for a one time use, THEIR wedding and it really never goes back together quite right the second time.

Play it safe with getting high quality and sturdy pieces from Party Rental Depot. Plus chances are we have the other things you are planning on renting too, so you can save on not having double delivery charges, save on not having to deal with multiple vendors and SAVE HUGE by dealing with professionals that have your big day top of mind.

Each Backdrop is One-Of-A-Kind

and is only available for ONE function per weekend.  We arent going to rush you to undecorate and get this equipment back to us hours after you say I DO. These are yours for the whole weekend.


Traditional Wooden Arch

This traditional 2 post arch looks like it has lasted a century and will do so for yet another one. This arch is bold and strong.
Modern / Bohemian

Double Diamond Steel Arch

Perfectly framing those who stand before it, this backdrop is our most popular for those with a landscape view of mountains or the cityscape.

Deep 4 Post Archway

Finished in Dark Walnut, it's iron and wood top beam brings a presence to those who stand beneath
Bohemian Feel

Gold Hexagon

Large 8-foot tall hexagon is sturdy enough to hang flowers and not too thick to take away from the view or the ceremony, being 3D it allows for many customizations in decorating

Online Shopping Is For Window Shoppers

Call today to book in the arch you need to complete your ceremony.  Start with the centerpeice of the vision and build up around it your total package.

Coming Late 2019 - Book Now For 2020