Sure we were happy with the status quo, running an event rental company out of Calgary, Alberta.  The craft beer scene blew up here and clients were demanding party pumps and ways to get the delicious beer out of a keg and into a glass.  We invested in a couple o “Jockey Boxes” to help with the beer dispensing problem.  

Then the complaints stated rolling in. 

We tried renting cold plate style boxes, then we were offering rentals on the run of the mill, off the shelf jockey boxes, plagued with problems; leaking, too many components, poor instructions from the supplier, and foam everywhere, nothing but head. 

Bartending is an art, but there is a science to it.  We set out to learn that science, and to science the heck out of beverage dispensing.

Now you can buy, and rent or design and creation of the best brew boxes available. 

We Are Polar Taps

You demand cold beverages, and that is what you will get with Polar Taps dispensing.  We set out on a mission to make the most robust brew boxes, that would last through the hard use of rentals.  

We have evolved from offering our boxes for rental, into opening up production to offer them to other rental companies, breweries and for personal purchase. 

Selling brew boxes is all well and good, but we realized there is a lack of information on how to properly use and care for your box.  Your Brew Box working flawlessly is what our reputation is built on, we include all the support needed to have an amazing event.

What does this have to do with a truck a trailer and a cart.  Knowledge is power, and putting the power of cold dispensing to good use by serving at all the best weddings and most exclusive events in the Calgary area seemed like the perfect way to put the knowledge to the test.



For Breweries

For Rental Companies

For Personal

Let’s be clear here, you have options when choosing your beverage dispensing. 

With Polar Taps you are getting the best hand crafted boxes, researched and designed to give you the perfect pour every time, and the proper information to make that happen, and to keep your box preforming at its peak.