Betsy - Vintage 1950 Mercury B63
Calgary's New (old) Way to Drink

Betsy grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, worked hard hauling hay and jugs of milk. She did her time in the fields of central Sask, and now is retiring to roam the Foothills of Alberta. Not strong or fast enough to haul for farmers today, she still has enough spunk to haul over 300kg of beverages to any event.

Nowadays, it is hard to make your event stand out or be different.

Everyone has pretty much seen it all…

How do you get people to remember your event? How do you get people talking about your event? And how do you get them to want to come next year?

Look no further…my cold beverage seeking friend!

Betsy is here for you!

Betsy has been designed to do just that:

Some cool fun facts about Betsy:

  • 6 Taps – Wide range of beverage choices to please all of your guests
  • Flow Control Faucets – Impress your guests by pouring the perfect pint
  • Commercial Grade Beverage Chiller – No fussing with ice, plug it in and pour
  • Individual Regulators For Each Beverage – Keep the perfect carbonation on each beverage, no more flat sodas

Choose your starting package

The Polar Experience

Full Bar Service
$ 1750
*Starting at
  • Up to 6 Taps
  • Glassware
  • Bartender
  • 4 Hours of Serve Time

Private Date With Betsy

Just The Ol' Girl
$ 1500
*per day
*Starting at
  • Up to 6 Taps
  • No Need For Ice
  • Choice Of Decor Addon
  • 1 Keg For Mixed Drinks (empty)

Where does Betsy like to visit?


Elegant Weddings

Grand Openings

Here comes the Upsell...

  • Glassware $10/doz

    Leave the Solo cup at Costco. Drink from a real glass.

  • Extra Serving Time $50/hr

    Keep the party going with some extra time with out bartenrder

  • Wine Barrel Bar $32

    Wine Barrel Bar

  • 10x10 Canopy $125

    Add some shade

Now if you are still reading this, you’re probably saying to yourself…

Damn, when do I get the option to book Betsy, and here it is below:

All you have to do is fill out (ugh paperwork) below and we’ll do the rest so you can get to expanding the guest list, and having a cold beverage! That is the Polar Tap Experience!