Carter - A Three-Wheeled Mobile Cart
Calgary’s New Way To Drink

Just like Pinocchio was created in a workshop, so was Carter. Build to be nimble and fit where others can’t. Ice gives “life” to his heart, and while it’s pumping, the coldest beverages will pour through his double taps, all day and night.

Ever have a weather change in the middle of the day of your event?

Beautiful and sunny… then wham it starts raining on your outside event…

You have a venue that you can go into but your bar set up was outside…

What do you do?

Look no further…my cold drinking friend!

Carter the Cart is here for you!

Carter has been designed to be agile, flexible & especially able to fit through doorways

Some cool fun facts about Carter:

  • 2 Taps – Double the fun of 1 tap! Mix beverage choices to please your guests, Fits 2 1/4 barrel kegs inside
  • Flow Control Faucets – Impress your guests by pouring the perfect pint
  • Off Grid Brew Box Style Chilling – No fussing with power cords, just fill with ice and go
  • 29″ Wide – Fits through all standard doors so you can have the best chilled brews in any venue

Choose your starting package

Carter Á la Carte

BYOB - Bring your Own Bartender (and booze)
$ 399
*Starting at
  • 2 Taps
  • First Ice Fill
  • Dispensing Gas

The Polar Experience

Full Bar Service
$ 649
*Starting at
  • 2 Taps
  • Glassware
  • Bartender
  • Ice Included

Where does Carter like to visit?

VIP Parties

Intimate Weddings

Rooftop Shindigs

Here comes the Upsell...

  • Glassware $6/doz

    -Choose from beer steins, pilsner mugs, mason jars and more

  • Extra Serving Time $50/hr

    -Add some hours to keep the party going

  • Wine Barrel Bar $100

    -A rustic serving platform to bartend from

  • Singature Cocktail Keg $35

    -Keg rental, not including the mix or booze

You know what luke warm beer out of a can tastes like… Not to mention drinking your signature cocktail only to have it mixed differently every time you order one. Bring Carter to your next event and make the refreshments the last thing you are going to worry about. 

All you have to do is fill out (ugh paperwork) below and we’ll do the rest so you can get to expanding the guest list, and having a cold beverage! That is the Polar Tap Experience!