Brew Box Dispenser System With CO2


This cooler style beer tap will serve ice cold draft beer all day long. The box cools beer so effectively you can set the keg on the porch on the hottest day of the summer and still get ice cold beer out of it!

This comes with everything you need except for the beer! This version has been upgraded far beyond any of the systems you have seen previously and can keep the cold beer flowing continuously.

Easy to use and comes with a 5lb tank of beer gas for the perfect aromatic head. If you prefer we can send 100% CO2.

Just fill the cooler with ice and water and tap the keg! No power required.

The rental price is for a 3-day rental.

These are great substitutes for a kegerator as they are ultra-portable, and are also referred to as jockey boxes.

1 tap  stainless steel box for $90

2 tap retro mini box for $110

# of Taps

Single, Double

Type Of Gas

100% CO2, 70% Nitrogen 30% CO2 (Beergas)

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