Every event needs a coffee station and coffee urns are an easy way to make coffee for a large gathering. Simply plug in, fill with cold water and add coffee grinds. The locking lid means no spills and the convenient faucet allows for self-service with no mess or drips!

Don’t forget your mugs and cream and sugar!


  1. Place coffee in basket. Use a regular grind coffee. Set basket assembly into heat well. DO NOT FORCE. Fill urn with COLD water to level desired. Urn will not work with hot water.
  2. Place cover on percolator.
  3. Plug into 110-120 Volt AC Outlet. Switch on. Coffee is ready to serve when light comes on. The basket can be emptied but both basket and pump must be left in pot to ensure coffee remains at serving temperature.



Amount of coffee Amount of Grounds Brew Time

10 cups require 1 tbsp. per cup coffee 15 min.

30 cups require 1 3/4 cups coffee 30 min.

36 cups require 2 cups coffee 35 min.

55 cups require 3 cups coffee 40 min.

75 cups require 4 cups coffee 55 min.

100 cups require 5 cups coffee 70 min.