Table, 36″ Diameter Round Standing Cocktail, 42″ Height


This 36″ round high top cocktail table is set at the perfect standing height.  It is great for any kind of party or reception. Cocktail tables let people mingle and create a better, more social event. This larger table is best for an event where more people will want to stand at a table, or where centrepieces or snacks are going to be available.


Linen recommendations for 36″ diameter, 42″ height:

120” round tablecloth will hang to the floor

36”x 42” spandex table cover will wrap the whole table

72”x 72” square tablecloth will overlay the table

85”x 85” square tablecloth will overlay this table with the corners almost touching the floor


We recommend covering these tables with linens as they are unfinished wood.

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