Creating temporary space with tents should be easy and safe.

Keep your reputation by booking a trusted and professional tent vendor that makes it easy to create the space you need for your event.

Highest Safety Standards
24/7 Event Support
Complete Site Solutions

In the world of event planning, overlooking details like safety, vendor reliability, and communication can lead to last-minute chaos.

Ensure your event’s success by choosing a partner who understands the importance of every detail.

No Added Fees
Sneaking in extra fees on an invoice is…well sneaky, and we hate it. You see upfront pricing on our site and our quotes.

Spend Time Differently
Event Hosts like you deal with fewer rental logistics when you book with PRD

Change Is Welcome
You don’t have all the answers the first time you talk to us, and that’s OK. Easily make changes leading up to your event without penalty.

Seasoned Planner, or First Time Event Organizer?

You will find it easy to create the space you need so that you can focus on the other important parts of your event when you let us help to plan your temporary venue.

Client Connection
Community Events
Milestone Events
Non Profit
Runs / Walks
Family Gatherings

Create Temporary Venue Space With Ease

Have the flexibility to change numbers, change items, and understand your rental contract. With help from our rental experts, creating an event from scratch is finally a great experience.

Foundational Solutions

From festivals to corporate events, we offer a range of tents and accessories, including washroom trailers, generators, and mobile refrigeration, to meet all your event needs.

Client-Centric Service

Experience seamless coordination and responsive support throughout your event planning journey to an amazing event.

Expert Planning and Logistics

Benefit from our expertise in floor planning and navigating tight timelines, ensuring your event is a logistical success.

The Plan: To WOW Your Guests

Getting Started Is Easy

1. Consult And Book With Us

Share your vision with us, and we’ll help you choose and customize the perfect tent package.

2. Make Changes As Needed

Make the needed changes to your booking without hassles.

3. Celebrate Your Day

Immerse yourself in the joy of your event, confident that every detail is taken care of.

We’re more than a tent rental company,

We’re event facilitators, passionate about bringing your unique event to life.

Successful Tent Permits
Clients Served
Guests Impacted

Simple Pricing, Big Value!

Start with a package that covers the basics you need.
Then customize with the help of our event success managers.

The packages below start with a pole tent that is 40ft wide by 40ft long. Each additional section added is 20ft long. Contact us to find out what size of tent would be suitable for your amount of guests.

The Basics

A tent with walls and lights, fill it how you need!  Customize the contents as you see fit.

$2725 for 40x40ft
+$999 / 20ft add

Starts with a 40ft wide tent

Base Tent is 40 ft Long

Window Walls

String Lighting Installed

Safe and Sound Package

What’s Included in each additional section
  • More Tent

  • More Window Walls

  • More String Lighting Installed

Most Popular

1/2 Capacity Package

Tables and Chairs to fill 1/2 the tent, leaving room for your other activities.

$3249 for 40x40ft
+$1299 / 20ft add

The Basics plus…

10 – 8 ft tables
80 – Black Chairs
String Lighting Installed
Table & Chair Takedown Service
Subsidized Delivery

Safe and Sound Package

Included in each additional 20ft section
  • 5 – 8ft Tables / section

  • 40 – Black Chairs / section

  • Table and Chair Takedown Service

Max Cap Package

Lots of tables and chairs, perfect for mess halls, big workshops, lunches, etc

$3899 for 40x40ft
+$1559 / 20ft add

The Basics plus..

20 – 8 ft tables
160 – Black Chairs
String Lighting Installed
Table & Chair Takedown Service
3 – Cocktail Tables w/ Covers
Increased Subsidized Delivery

Safe and Sound Package

Included in each additional 20ft section
  • 10 – 8ft Tables / section

  • 80 – Black Chairs / section

  • Table and Chair Takedown Service

*Pricing does not include taxes or delivery, pricing shown is for staked tents on grass with good access.

Don’t risk your event with a vendor who will make your event a disaster.

At Party Rental Depot we know that you want an event that runs smoothly, and that starts long before the day of.

In order to do that, you need your tent vendor to plan and inform of all necessities needed, so you spend less time researching and have more time to plan your event.

Rental companies often treat each rental as nothing more than a transaction, leaving customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

We believe your event needs to be understood to be successful. We understand uniqueness which is why we have rave reviews from all different clients.

Here’s how we do it: 1. Share your vision of your successful event, 2. Book and tweak your event as needed, 3. Enjoy the time planning your guest experience.

So, contact us to start your personalized plan. And in the meantime, download our planning guide.

Now you can stop wasting time figuring out temporary event space and instead dramatically shorten your to-do list.

Ready to create your space?

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