Event Tents


A tent says a lot about your event.  A High Peak Marquee tent boasts elegance and class.  A Hexagon Marquee gives modular options and unique interior design to space.  An Inflatable Igloo or Cube is insulated against the elements and creates a statement of uniqueness.

Have The Flexibility Of Owning Your Venue

Some Venues put a lot of restrictions on what you can do in their space. With a tent, there is much more customization that can be done.  What better way to accommodate your guests than to be able to plan every detail of your wedding, corporate party, stampede gathering, or really any social event!


Your tent can be installed on the grass with stakes, or put on the pavement and held down with concrete blocks.  Solid walls or walls with windows can be erected, and mix and matched.  Heaters can be hooked up for those times when the weather looks a bit chilly. Anywhere you need a tent we can find the right one for the job.

INFLATABLES – Not Just For Kids!!

Wedding Tents

Looking similar to traditional tents by day, and transforming into elegantly glowing installations at night an inflatable tent will WOW your guests.

Inflatable Igloos

From a cozy 20′ Igloo up to a 40′ Monster, Igloos are obviously popular in the winter for Festivals, Ice Palaces, and Marketing Campaigns.  Have you thought about using an Igloo in the summer? They are insulated and can keep the hot summer heat out, perfect for being used as a refreshment station during a summer festival.  What better place for grabbing an ice cold drink than in an Igloo?

Inflatable Cube Tents

Big and Bold, the Cube really makes a statement. High walls inside and out, there is no compromise on space in this tent.  Great for making a stand for your brand at any event.  Available from 20′ all the way up to a monster 50′ Cube.


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TENT Rental Items

Tables and Chairs. Check. Probably some coffee. Check! What else are you going to need to make your corporate event a huge success?

Check out our post on the importance of corporate events. Your event may be a staff meeting, milestone party, grand opening, the possibilities are endless. We can provide you with all the equipment, so you can get on with the event.