Christmas is right around the corner.  You’ve got your bird, you’re shopping is complete, and you’re ready for the holiday right??? If you’re anything like me, enough time and busy days have passed for the reality of hosting the dinner to have escaped your mind. 

Now that November is coming to a close, the memory of the gruesome, time-consuming challenge of making a meal fit for royalty sets in.  I used to dread Christmas as it meant having to spend countless hours in the grocery store lineups, cleaning the house top to bottom, squishing large amounts of people around the overly extended dinner table(s), and then to top things off, I was trapped in the kitchen doing dishes long after the dinner ended.  I used to imagine myself spending the time sipping a nice glass of wine and enjoying the horderves before dinner with my guests instead of alone in the hot kitchen.

Any of this sound familiar to you?

I was tired of not getting to enjoy visiting with my guests, having my family “help” with the dishes by guessing where everything went in my kitchen and being too exhausted to properly tidy up the house from dinner once the guests left.  My thoughts lead me to the computer with a goal to find a better way of doing Christmas dinner. That’s when Party Rental Depot appeared in my search.

I was relieved to discover how easy Christmas could be to host when I invited Party Rental Depot to the table.  Hosting my immediate family of 25 people went from a nightmare to a dream in one simple click. Party Rental Depot understands that life is busy, and somehow there’s never enough time in the day to get things done.  Balancing family, work, and everything in between.

Out of curiosity and pure exhaustion just thinking about the upcoming dinner, I visited their website at only to discover the all-inclusive Holiday dinner Package.  With the click of a mouse, my anxiety was lifted. Party Rental Depot created a custom-made package for me that not only decreased my stress level but lifted my holiday spirits as well!  

The package included;         

  • An incredible inflatable tent to comfortably host the guests – No cleaning the house top to bottom!!
  • Tables & chairs – No scouring the whole house to find enough chairs to go around the already limited tables in the house
  • Matching linens to cover tables – no more worrying how to cover all tables without pulling out the Thanksgiving or Easter tablecloths!
  • All the necessary dinnerware – No more countless hours washing the dishes afterward!
  • Delivered and picked up right to my doorstep!
  • BONUS… A delicious & easy recipe to get me started on my meal planning

There are many things to be Thankful in my life this holiday season… and I have now added Party Rental Depot to my list of things.  

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