Centerpieces are one of the main decor focal points at a wedding.  They are a big talking point and end up in nearly every picture. They tie the theme together and create an atmosphere.  This is a chance to add a “wow factor” to the wedding as well as a unique effect. You need to find a balance between being sophisticated enough to not dominate and overshadow other elements, while still making a statement.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

That sounds like a lot to think about! Trust us, with these tips coming up with the perfect centerpiece will be a breeze.

First question to answer: What shape are your tables?

The way your guests are seated narrows down your choices for centerpieces, as well as the number of them.

Round Tables

For a round table, stick to 1 centerpiece per table.  Add a few extras to other areas in the space (the bar, buffet, etc.) to tie it all together. 

Square Tables

1 centerpiece per table is best for a square shape as well.  However, since square tables typically have more room left in the center than a round table, feel free to add a little more volume.

Rectangular Tables
Photo by insideweddings

A different look will be needed for longer rectangular tables.  Put a few down the center of the table, making sure they are a little smaller and more contained as there will be more of them.

Style Choices


This is the time to get creative!  Make choices to highlight and represent your personalities.  Don’t shy away from creativity and colour!

Seasonal Elements

If using flora, look to the locale and season for the best blooms.  Local, in season flora will have the best and brightest colour as well as being more budget and eco-friendly .

Non-Floral Centerpieces

While  flowers are usually a wedding staple, especially in centerpieces, they are far from the only option.  Consider some fruit, items that tell your story, bits and pieces that fit your theme. For more inspiration, check out our article on Non-Floral Centerpieces

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