No one truly needs a reason to have a party, but the Oscars are a fantastic excuse. Not to mention, a wonderful and easy to pull off theme. Whether you want to dive into the glitz and glam or keep it simple, we’ve got tips and ideas to please every VIP on your invite list.

Hollywood Entrance

The walk down the red carpet is a staple of awards season. Lay down a red carpet, put up a backdrop and complete the look with velvet ropes! Your guests will be wow’d from the start and ready for the glamour of the evening. Who doesn’t love feeling like a star?!


This night is all about the movies, so popcorn is an obvious must-have. Why not take it a step further than microwave bags and set up a popcorn bar! Put popcorn in pretty glass containers and urns on a table with different toppings and seasonings. Or rent yourself a popcorn machine and have fresh, hot, buttery popcorn all night!


A celebration like this is not complete without some champagne! Enjoy your bubbles in some traditional and elegant champagne flutes. For those with a sweet tooth, make some champagne cupcakes and display them on film reels

And the Oscar goes to…

Everyone has an opinion about who the winners are going to be. Add prizes to the debate! Have your guests fill out a ballot with their predicted winners for the bigger awards. Tuck these ballots into a formal, gold-lined envelope before the show starts. If your guest picks the winner, they get a little gold man of their own!

Swag Bags

Oscar gift bags are infamous for their extravagance. While most of us can’t quite afford that level for our own parties, get into the spirit and make your own! Fill sleek black plastic bags with little dollar store gifts, candy and treats you know your guests will get a kick out of.

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