Forget boring square napkins and digging out those napkin rings you have in a drawer…somewhere. Every month Party Rental Depot is bringing you a fun new fold to spice up your tables and instructions on how to make it yourself! For February, we’re showing you how to put your heart on a plate for your special someone!

Lay out large napkin on a flat surface

Fold napkin in half to create a rectangle

Fold in half again to create a small, long rectangle

With a finger at the center bottom, fold one side up. Fold other other side up so both sides meet.

Turn the napkin over.

Fold in each of the four top corners so that you make four small triangles.  Use an iron to press the folds in place or use something to pin the folds.

Turn napkin over and voila! A heart ready for your loved ones.

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The rapidly evolving COVID-19 is unsettling for all and as a result all of our daily lives have been impacted, from social lives, work lives, and home life. The health of our staff, our clients, and the general public is the most important thing to think about at this time. 

In support of AHS and City of Calgary, Party Rental Depot has made the decision to close general operating hours and move our conversations with you to the phone and online.

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