The initial research into wedding venues can be one of the most frustrating phases in planning a wedding. Venues and their websites are all wildly different. They have different amounts and types of information available and some barely have any! Do not fear, most venues will sent a marketing packet when contacted and we have the help you need to parse all that information.

Make a spreadsheet!

Spreadsheets are great for keeping track of all the venues you’re looking at and all their different options and aspects. Fill in the info you can find yourself and mark any missing information.

Items to include in your spreadsheet
  • name of venue
  • location
  • capacity
  • availability
  • type
    • outdoor, restaurant, historical, etc
  • layout
    • is there space enough for all aspects of your wedding?
  • rates
    • start by entering a rough cost, eventually add a “my cost” line to show all the expenses that are unique to you
  • website
  • restrictions
  • parking/transportation
  • facility extras
  • equipment included
  • caterer/catering options

Go through your favourites and figure out what it will cost you. Is it extra to stay as late as you want? What do you have to provide yourself? List these all out so you can have a quick rundown and an easy way to see important details. Use your draft budget (see our article on picking a venue for help with that) and recreate it for every venue you’re considering. This will give you a details view of how different each venue is.

Now you’re ready for some site visits! Grab our comprehensive list of questions to ask the wedding venue, book some appointments and get ready for the next step (this one is way more fun).

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