It’s no news to anyone that planning a wedding is stressful.  There are so many decisions to make. Your guest list influences a lot of these choices, but creating it can be daunting.  Take some stress out of the task with these tips!

First! Draft your guest list

Determine what kind of wedding you prefer and what your budget is.  If you are more interested in a small, intimate wedding, think of your family and close friends first.  If a lavish wedding is calling your name, open the list up to extended relatives, coworkers and friends.  Try to focus on the quality time you want to spend with these people instead of just the number. Sometimes having a colleague there is more important to you than a distant relative.  

Define the guests you as a couple would want at your wedding without any restrictions. This is your first draft.

Does the number of people on your draft match your plan for the size of your wedding?  If so, YAY! Start sending invites!

If not…

Second! Make some cuts

It’s time to prioritize and make some compromises.  Put question marks next to people you’d be less upset by their absence.  Do you want kids of friends there? There’s nothing wrong with wanting an adults only event.  Should you invite partners of friends that you haven’t met yet? That depends on if you have you, if you trust your friends judgement and if you want to be meeting strangers on your big day.

Remember: the guests are there for you, NOT you for them.

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