Now that you have completed your research and narrowed down the contenders, it’s time to make a choice! Do not simply call your favourite, book your date and wash your hands of it! Be as thorough as possible and make sure it’s 100% your perfect venue and do a formal, scheduled site visit!

Sites visits allow you to make sure everything at the venue is as it seems on the website. You can see all the angles that the photographs missed and get an idea of the actual size. Venues tend to look a bit different in person than in photographs. This visit will also give you an opportunity to ask any and all questions (don’t worry, we’ll help you out with those too).

Wedding site visits can take a lot of time and effort. Try to only see your top three and never visit a venue that is out of your budget.

Sometimes a site visit really cannot be done. If you can’t get there, there are still ways to get your answers! Ask the venue for references of other couples who have used the space. Ask the venue for for more details, including photos not on their website and detailed floor plans with measurements included. If you have family in the same area as the venue, ask them to visit the site for you and get a virtual tour through a video chat. And most of all, trust your gut. If something is feeling too good to be true, it probably is.

The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

  • How many hours are included in the rental?
  • Is a ceremony rehearsal included?
  • How will load-in and load-out work?
  • Where are the entrances and coat check?
  • What sort of lighting is included?
  • Where are the restrooms
  • Where does the caterer set up?
  • Are there alcohol restrictions?
  • Are there decor restrictions?
  • Does the venue ever do more than 1 event in a day? Are there any events going on during yours?
  • What equipment is provided?
  • Can I get a clear price breakdown that includes any hidden fees?
  • Can I get a sample contract that includes the cancellation policy?
  • How far in advance can I book?
  • Are there different rates for different days of the week/time of day/seasons?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • How is the payment schedule structured?
  • Does the total include things like service charges, gratuity, cleaning fees, etc?
  • What rooms are included?
  • Is there a designated smoking area?
  • Is the room accessible?
  • What is the typical room layout the day of the wedding?
  • Are there photos of other receptions/can I come back and see the setup for another wedding?
  • When can I start decorating?
  • What decorations are provided/available?
  • Do I have to provide place cards?
  • Are there booster seats or high chairs available for children?
  • Is there an approved/recommended vendor list? Do they need to be used or can I bring in my own?
  • Are there are limitations or guidelines to bringing in my own vendors?
  • Is parking available on-site? If so, how much space is there? Is it free to park, if not, how much is the fee per guest?
  • What is your backup plan for inclement weather?
  • Will staff be involved in setting up and taking down decor?
  • Is there a food or beverage minimum? What happens if this minimum is not met?
  • Do we have to purchase liquor through the venue? If we can bring our own in, is there corckage or service fees?
  • Who is our point person on the wedding day and can we meet them now?
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