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Spring is here! Easter is a perfect excuse to celebrate warmer weather, bright colours, and new beginnings. Celebrate with your family and friends and make sure it’s the perfect day with our tips.

Start with the staples.

The easiest (and most fun) way to plan your Easter event is to start with the large things and work your way down to the fun details. First, get a headcount. Once you know how many people you’re hosting, you can secure your table and chair rentals to make sure you have room for everyone! If your party is outdoors, consider a tent to help protect your guests from rain or shade them from the sun.

Pick a theme that’s more than “Easter”

Choosing a theme helps to anchor ideas and keeps your event cohesive. Instead of choosing the obvious, try a colour scheme that works with the season like all pastels. Florals and baby animals are also fantastic theme alternatives.

Think outside the egg.

Easter does not have to be all about the chocolate! Try serving your guests some fresh fruit. Seasonal fruit will add bright colour to any table (check this out for creative ways to display your fruit). Vegetable skewers are another way to add colour and health and are a fantastic addition to a bbq.

Don’t forget the hunt!

What Easter is complete without an egg hunt?! The typical treasures are little chocolate eggs but throw a few fillable eggs into the mix for some extra excitement. You can fill these with other chocolate or treats, small toys and games, makeup and jewellery, keyrings and any other fun little prize you can think of. Set a few rules, like the boundaries of the egg locations and whether the younger kids get to go first. Make sure you hide 7-10 eggs per person to make sure everyone can get a really good haul.

Enjoy your party and all the chocolate that comes with it!

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