New year, new wedding trends!  In 2020, the biggest trend we’re going to see is individuality.  Gone are the days of pressure towards traditionalism. Couples this year are more inclined to choose modern celebrations that create a specific ambience or mood and celebrating their originality. The wedding industry is evolving and couples have more choices than ever. There are so many more opportunities to showcase their own love story and personalities.

When planning your own wedding, remember to only tap into ideas that genuinely speak to your personal style!  Don’t make decisions based on the flavour of the moment, but what you really, truly love. That being said, here are a few of our favourite trends for 2020!

Grand Intimacy + Micro Weddings

Expect smaller guest lists and more “wow” moments in 2020!  Couples this year are spending more money on entertainment and atmosphere than more guests.  This way the budget per guest is much higher, making tons of personalization and elaborate meals possible.  Think fireworks, a tasting menu, rose petals falling on the guests entrance, red carpets, anything big and bold and opulent.  This trend is perfect for introverts, or those who prefer a fancier party to a larger one.

Wonderland Lighting

fairy lights

Altering a space with lighting is nothing new, but the options in 2020 are raising the bar!  Lights are being used to transform spaces into a more intimate setting. Lots of exposed bulbs and lighted nets above the tables.  Mood lighting to add a romantic fairytale glow to the event will be everywhere in 2020

Natural + Eco Friendly

A quickly growing wedding trend in 2020 is sustainability!  Expect more options to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint and reuse as much as possible.  Many couples are embracing nature as a foundation them and holding their weddings in places to take advantage of the natural habitat.  Using living flora for centerpieces, like potted succulents or a herb that can be used with dinner

Unique Attire

Individuality is really going to be seen in wedding attire this year.  Less uniform bridesmaids in trending colours (expect lots of mint, yellows and fresh blues) and unique dress codes (think white party) will be seen often in 2020.  

statement veil
via Vogue

Brides are moving away from traditional gowns. Instead, they are opting for pantsuits, floral and teacup style dresses, or leaning into traditional styles with an extra flair.  Traditional ball gowns are getting bigger and bolder, with more layers, sparkle and beading. Statement veils (à la Hailey Beiber) are a bold yet unique and timeless choice. They are becoming popular as brides seek to create a piece to pass on or display.  Barrettes and combs are an elegant and popular alternative to a veil, or can be added to a look after the ceremony. Look out for multiple outfit changes throughout the night!  Though keep in mind as the bride, plot your outfit changes in advance and make sure you think about what story you are telling with your looks.

Grooms are opting for suits in blue. Lots of navy, teal and cobalts will be seen on grooms in 2020. Or many are ditching the suit all together to don leather jackets and suspenders.  

Cheese Hour

The cheese hour is a savory twist on the traditional Viennese Hour, an opulent display of desserts brought out after the cake cutting.  Instead of sweets, there are wheels of cheese, crackers, nuts and fruits piled high. This platter also serves as perfect end of the night nibbles as the party winds down, score!


Get ready for lots of gin in 2020.  This chameleon of a spirit is all the rage as it is perfect for mixing and creating cocktails.  Mezcal is also rising in popularity, with many new types and brands to explore coming out. Adding fizz to anything is sure to delight any crowd.

Magical Mysticism

tarot cards

Mysticism is in!  From sending guests home with a crystal to passing the rings around the guests during the ceremony for good energy and well wishes, there are a myriad of ways to incorporate this trend into your wedding.  However, make sure not to force it! Make it unique to you and your beliefs as a couple. You’ll see a lot more interactive elements during ceremonies that involve guests in the vow exchange, as well as tarot and palm readers as part of the reception and even aura photobooths.

High-Style Photo Booths

Photo booths have exploded in popularity over the last few years.  Everyone loves a keepsake from a good night with loved ones. The high-style photo booth is a more artful take on the typical booth.  Elevated portrait sessions curated by your photo team instead of the automatic click-and-shoot. Everyone will love a gorgeous photo of them all dressed up with family and friends!

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