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Renting a tent is frustrating. We know. Experience easier rentals.
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Get exactly what you want for your wedding,

without paying any more than you need to.

No Added Fees
Sneaking in extra fees on an invoice is…well sneaky, and we hate it. You see upfront pricing on our site and quotes.

Spend Time Differently
Couples create tent packages with us that astonish their guests.  Freeing up time to plan the fun parts of The Day.

Change Is Welcome
You don’t have all the answers the first time you talk to us, and that’s OK. Easily make changes leading up to your wedding without penalty.

Choose Your Style of Tent Package

Build Your A La Carte Bundle
All Inclusive Price Per Person

A La Carte Tent Packaging

(Yes that’s an oxymoron, but stick with us here)

Many couples stress trying to choose professional vendors for their wedding tent, sometimes deciding between multiple vendors, combing through quotes, trying to understand the small details and intricacies of all the different rental contracts.

Time is too precious to spend it organizing the framework of your wedding.


  1. Choose all of your items for your event with support from an event specialist
  2. Get your bespoke package deal discount for your event
  3. Enjoy your extra time, knowing your tent is organized and booked

Curated Wedding Tent Packages

Enjoy your days leading up to your wedding with the easiest-to-budget tent packages. Priced Per Person

Planning your wedding is stressful.

Organizing a tent makes it more complicated, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

You’re NOT an expert in tents, and that’s OK. Spend your time on life rather than the hassles associated with tents.

Per-person-priced tent packages save hours of planning and tweaking.

Giving you the best value!

Stop pulling out your hair trying to plan your tent…

  1. Choose Rustic or Classic White
  2. Tell us how many people are attending
  3. Free up your valuable time to live life.

Be engaged stress-free knowing your whole tent package is booked.

Rather than figure it out on your own, it’s easier to speak with an event rental specialist.


Will You Choose Vintage Rustic or Classic White?

The Rustic for $64.85 per person.

The White for $59.35 per person.

Included with your package: Elegant white tent with walls, lighting, chandeliers, dancefloor with subfloor, tables, chairs, napkins, bar, glassware, coffee station, table settings, choices of additional decor, setup & takedown of all non decor.

Bonus included extras: Alberta One Call, Tent site visit, Access to VIP pricing on our ETSY products (link in footer), Discounted pricing on mobile bars, and more.

Upgrade to a clear top tent available. Pricing based on staked tent setups.

Optional upgrades to our tent packages:

Northern Lights Tent
Clear Roof Tents
Deeply Discounted “Betsy The Beer Truck” or “Tug Along Tony Trailer”
Walkway Lighting
Ceremony Seating
Outdoor Cocktail Hour Tables
Raised Head Table
Washroom Trailer

When you rent a tent,

There are many things that go with it.
From tables and chairs, to plates and linens, flooring,
heating, lighting, sound equipment, tabletop, decor, bars and catering,
dance floors, sanitation stations, and more. If you’re not an event
planner, the list can seem endless and daunting.

Let us help. It doesn’t cost anything to Speak with a Specialist.

Get Help From An Event Specialist

Full Span Tents

Northern Lights Tent

Translucent Top
Elegant High Peaks
Wood Look Poles

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High Peak Pole Tent

All White Pole Tents
Elegant Lines
Huge Interior

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Marquee Tent

Available In Clear Top Fabric
Modular Installations
Fit Into Smaller Spaces
Lower Peak Height
Backyard Approved!

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Clear Marquee Tent

Clear Tops To View The Sky
Modular Installations
Fit Into Smaller Spaces
Lower Peak Height
Backyard Approved!

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Full Span Tent

Wide Open Space Throughout
No Center Poles
Optional Clear Roof Sections

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Popup Canopy Tent

Fairweather Use Only
Fits Smaller Spaces
Lower Peak Height
Backyard Approved!

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Rustic Decor

Farm Tables

Dance Floor

Event hosts like you contact us to create an easy and flexible rental experience.

It’s important to book early. Ideally, months in advance.

We know it’s not always possible. Sometimes, plans fall through and you need help quickly.
If we can help, we will.

We’re located in Calgary, but we deliver tent and event packages all over Alberta.

Rental Policies

Industry-leading policies ensure you have the flexibility to tweak your event. Feel safe that you can move or change your event up to 3 days before delivery. *Tent & Stampede conditions apply. Contact us today to review our terms.

Get Started

  1. Contact us with ideas about your event.
  2. Collaborate with an Event Specialist to come up with a tailored plan for you.
  3. Enjoy the lead-up to your event!