Create Your Tent Wedding Your Way.

You know when a tent wedding is for you…

Whether it’s the significance of getting married on ancestral grounds or the desire to freely celebrate without being constrained by a venue’s regulations, both weigh into the importance of having the freedom to celebrate in your own way.

Responsive Communication
Easy Rental Order Changes
Reliable And Exceptional Service

Don’t risk working with vendors that will ruin your big day…

Your wedding can be ruined if you choose unqualified vendors. You would be horrified while evacuating people from a collapsing tent instead of creating the memory of having your first dance. You’ll turn bright red while holding your breath in a smelly toilet making you look like a lobster in your forever photos.

Have you been frustrated by rental companies who:

  • Don’t communicate with you?

  • Have complex pricing and terms?

  • Use industry jargon to confuse you?

  • Don’t have a solution for YOUR vision?

  • Leave you wondering if they will show up?

Save time for writing vows, not stressing about planning your tent logistics.

We’ll plan your tent package installation so you can focus on the food and drinks!

Start With A Blank Canvas

Clean white tents allow you to decorate without worry of clashing with the venue.

Comprehensive Packages

All the forgotten needs are already in your package so you can focus on your guests.

Hassle-free Planning

We simplify your planning process, taking care of essential logistics so you can focus on your big day.

We have fun setting up tents but…

We love making elegant spaces for amazing experiences


Getting Started Is Easy

1. Consult And Book With Us

Share your vision with us, and we’ll help you choose and customize the perfect tent package.

2. Make Changes As Needed

Make the needed changes to your booking without hassles.

3. Celebrate Your Day

Immerse yourself in the joy of your wedding, confident that every detail is taken care of.

Simple Pricing, Start Creating Your Package!

Pricing starts with size…
Choose the rough amount of guests you are inviting.


$3606 /base

  • 40×40 Tent

  • 12×12 Dance Floor

  • Elegant Lighting

  • Safety and Secure Package


$5212 /base

  • 40×60 Tent

  • 15×15 Dance Floor

  • Elegant Lighting

  • Safe and Secure Package

$6897 /base

  • 40×80 Tent

  • 18×18 Dance Floor

  • Elegant Lighting

  • Safe And Secure Package


$8655 /base

  • 40×100 Tent

  • 21×21 Dance Floor

  • Elegant Lighting

  • Safe and Secure Package

Guest Experience Add-ons for Every Style

Simple pricing that is based on your guest count.
Change your numbers up to 72 hours in advance, no fees.

White Wedding

$13 / guest

Starting at 75 guests

Easily Change Guest Numbers

What’s Included
  • Tables

  • White Resin Chairs

  • White Table Linens

  • Table Takedown Service

  • Chair Takedown Service

Most Popular

Go West Rustic

$29 / guest

Wood Elegance

Tables Setup

What’s Included
  • Choice Of Chair

  • Podium

  • Rustic Wood Tables

  • Table Setup Service

  • Table Takedown Service

  • Chair Takedown Service

*Delivery additional based on location and ease of access. Pricing based on grass install with staking

Guest amenity plans for everyone


$3.25 / guest

Keep Drinks Flowing

Classier Than Red Solo’s

What’s Included
  • Pilsner Glass

  • Hi-ball Glass

  • Red Wine 8oz

  • Coffee Cups

  • Coffee Urn


$12 / guest

Table Place Settings

More Time To Set-up

What’s Included
  • Napkins

  • Dinner Plate

  • Side Plate

  • Dinner Knife + Fork

  • Salad Fork

  • Water Glass

  • Wine Glass

  • Charger Plate

  • Champagne Glass

Add-on Options
  • Glassware

  • Cake Table

  • Sweetheart Table

  • Draft Beer Systems

  • Tent Flooring

  • Cocktail Tables

  • Speaker and Mic

  • Wine Barrels

  • Exterior Lighting

  • Colored Up Lighting

  • Catering Tent

  • ClearSpan Style Tent

  • Northern Light Style Tent

beautiful wood rustic package for decor in the rental tent for weddings near me

Celebrate with a timeless all wood Rustic look.

Choose the Rustic Package with real wood tables and X-back chairs for a truly Instagramable aesthetic.

Elevate Your Package

Complete your package for the ultimate guest experience, and a night you can’t forget.

Skyview Tent
Mobile Bars
Cake Table
Beer Tubs

Your wedding deserves a venue as unique as your love story

At Party Rental Depot we know that you want to throw an amazing wedding on your terms.

In order to do that, you need to create a whole new venue space.

The problem is confusing rental options, which makes you frustrated and anxious .

We believe rentals should be easy and a positive experience. We understand you have a lot to plan and figure out, which is why we have our guarantees .

Here’s how we do it: 1. Customize a tent package just for you, 2. Accept the contract for your tent package, 3. Enjoy your engagement .

So, contact us to start building your wedding. And in the meantime, download our guide and tools for planning your wedding.

So you can stop going in circles trying to book a tent and instead create a backdrop for unforgettable memories.